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7 for $7 Oktoberfest Beer Tasting Tonight at 8pm at Kafe Kerouac (2250 N. High St.!)

Be sure to make it out for our latest 7 for $7 tasting at Kafe Kerouac, featuring the beers of Oktoberfest. It's that time of the year, and with the weather turning cooler, and tailgates firing up, it's time for you to pick out your favorite fall beer, and what better way than with and Kafe Kerouac? In attendance,'s Matt Reese and Chris Spinato & More will be there to meet and greet with the public, and there will be fun to have by all. So come out, and be sure to not miss what is guaranteed to be a true beer drinker's delight with the beers of Oktoberfest. Don't miss out! RSVP Now to Reserve Your Glass! RSVP HERE.

Our last beer tasting sold out fairly quickly, so be sure to RSVP quickly and make sure you don't miss out on what is sure to be a fantastic beer tasting this evening!

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